The Shows Will Go On!

The Shows Will Go On!

Since the spread of Covid- 19 has worsened, it has been a hard few weeks for the team at Broadway Events.

Almas IndustriesWe are a team made up of passionate people, who are dedicated to putting on valuable, professional and entertaining events. Not only do we care about creating incredible events, we care about ensuring our partners and visitors are comfortable and happy to attend. So when the days drew closer to the opening of our biggest event, Childcare & Education Expo in London, a tough decision had to be made.

As we have a responsibility for the safety and well-being of everyone involved in the exhibition, we made the heart-breaking decision to cancel the show. The hard-work that goes into putting on these events is tremendous and always a labour of love, which is why the decision was so hard to make.

The days following the decision were spent working hard to ensure that the message had been received and most importantly, understood. As always, the support from our network of partners and attendees was unparalleled and made the decision that bit easier to come to terms with.

Soon we came to the realisation that we would not only have to move our biggest event but our Manchester Childcare & Education Expo, along with all five Care Roadshows!

A lot of time was spent going back and forward with our fantastic venues and it was definitely worth it as we’re joyed to announce that all of our events have been successfully rescheduled!

Taking the current climate into account, we agreed to postpone our events to take place from September onwards. This would mean our visitors will be confident to attend and ready for new experiences, networking and vital business opportunities to help support and develop their practice.

So although these times are being filled up with negativity, we’re feeling positive and stronger than ever! We look forward to welcoming you to all our upcoming events!

The show will go on!

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