Exhibitor Tips: How to make the most of Childcare Expo 2018

Exhibitor Tips: How to make the most of Childcare Expo 2018


With Childcare Expo running triannually, it is likely that many of our exhibitors will be starting to think about how to ensure they have a successful Childcare Expo. Now in our 8th year, we have listed tips and tricks we have gained during this time to help maximise your exhibition experience.

Your exhibition stand

Acting as a portable shop window for your business, your exhibition stand should instantly inform others of your company’s ethos and most importantly; the product/service that you are marketing. When planning the set up of your exhibition stand there are a few questions that you should ask yourself to make sure that you are getting the most from your stand space.

  • Where should you position your product/equipment?IMG_0072_Low
  • Will you be selling on your stand?
  • Is your current set-up going to block visitors’ view of you and your product?
  • Is there somewhere for visitors to sit/stand to have a more in-depth conversation?
  • Is the artwork eye-catching enough to make visitors want to stop at your stand?



It comes as no surprise that at events visitors are always looking for items that they can take away with them. In order for visitors to remember you and your product/service it is important to produce printed sales collateral for them to take away. These items can range from a simple business card, pens, water bottles and even farm animal stress balls, anything that will remain at the forefront of the visitors’ mindsets and is something that they will hold on to and use. We recently attended an event where they gave each visitor a portable charging device. Think about your target audience and what they may like.Capture

Elevator pitch

You will attend the show with an idea of who you want to get to know, but it is always a good idea to be prepared for all types of conversations. Having an elevator pitch in your head; a sentence that sums up your business will help you get to know businesses and individuals you may not have spoken to otherwise. You will be asked the same questions frequently across the two days so producing your own FAQs that you can give to each stand staff will help to maintain a similar response.


It is essential that someone stays on the stand at all times to ensure no potential leads are missed. Having two or more members of staff at the event allows someone from the business to spend more time investing in a potential customer whilst the other remains available for the next customer Please note that canvassing is not allowed at the events so please do not distribute your collateral on the communal areas otherwise these will be removed. Remember it is also important to get to know other exhibitors at Childcare Expo and build relationships. Who knows where a simple conversation could lead…IMG_0052_Low

Following up

The final tip for our exhibitors is possibly the most important; follow up! It is likely that you will have some great conversations at Childcare Expo, but it is important to continue talking to contacts after the show!

If you would like any advice, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team.

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