And our Charity of the year is….

And our Charity of the year is….

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With our team at Broadway Events steadily growing year on year, we thought this year it was our time to help make a positive difference to a project outside of our events. When we heard about Event for Namuwongo (EFN) it was a perfect fit, and we are proud to announce this deserving project will be Broadway Events 2018 charity of the year.

As organisers of the longest running early years show we are passionate about children’s education and EFN aims of getting as many children from Namuwongo in Uganda into school is something that fits perfectly with our values that education is key. Their message of ‘Education is the foundation to a happy, healthy and positive childhood’ is also something that we couldn’t agree with more and to be given the opportunity to help make this a reality for even one child is a challenge that our team are focused on achieving this year.


Event for Namuwongo (EFN), a project put together by the international children’s charity, Hope for Children.

What does the project involve?

EFN, has raised over £850k to date for community projects in Namuwongo, Uganda. Since 2011 when EFN was established the money raised has been used to improve the living conditions of the people who live within the slum community. These project activities include the unblockages of toilets to improve sanitation, the removal of rubbish to reduce the spread of disease and construction of drains to combat flooding.

Now EFN’s main focus is to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in Namuwongo by improving their access to quality education and helping so many underprivileged children to break free from poverty. EFN has set a target of £1m to be reached within the year to help make this a reality.

What are we going to do to help?Broadway Events Team

We are currently working alongside EFN and Hope for Children, planning this year’s fundraising opportunities and will post updates once we have confirmed the activities we will be partaking.

How can you help?

We hope you will join us in making a positive difference to these children’s lives by giving whatever you can, you can start donating now

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